Confectionery Supplies

Wholesale Confectionery Supplies

Candy makers and the candy industry as a whole have a special allure. People love sweet indulgences, and when you can produce something people want and can expect to be the same every time, you have a winner.

Creating a great product requires a precise, intentional process to consistently give your customers the products they want and expect. To do that, you need confectionery supplies and ingredients that are delivered on time, within your budget and of the highest quality.

Confectionery & Candy Making Ingredients

Of course, the first items people think of in candy making are sugars and sweeteners. It is the confectionery industry, after all. High-fructose corn syrup, dextrose and pure beet and cane sugar are just a few of the many options on the Bremer trucks.

Oils and shortening are another category of essential confectionery ingredients, which can include cocoa butters, margarines, shortenings and specialty oils. Each product you create needs to have the right fats in place, and with our huge selection of oils, your products will not only go together the right way, but will give consumers a consistent viscosity they can expect every time.

Cocoa and chocolate ingredients, either as whole beans, powders, butters or more, make up the distinct and often-craved flavor profile of your chocolate products. The highest quality ingredients lead to the best taste, and that means everyone wins.

Flavor enhancers and emulsifiers add distinct tastes and attributes to your products and the options are nearly limitless. Lecithin, citric acid and soy products are a few of the most popular options.

Bremer is a Michigan-based ingredients supplier that works to support other Michigan companies. When our ingredients can help distinguish your confectionery products from the rest of the candy industry, we’ve done our job. Contact us today to find out how we can help.