Searching for Oats in the United States

What is going on with flour and oats in the United States? You already see the dramatic price fluctuations. But why? And how can we fix this?

Simply put: oats were hard to get out of Western Canada this spring. Rail cars, are essential to the oats industry, but there was a shortage in cars that resulted in a bottleneck on Canada’s rails, which brought on a shortage of oats to the United States.

Canadian mills became aware of the issue and tried to get as much as they could down to millers in the United States, as those millers were holding dangerously low levels of oats, with some even fearing closures.

Finding a Way
For a company like Bremer Authentic Ingredients, issues like this are of high importance. We need to stay up on all freight issues and prepare as best we can for any future shortage that could make it more difficult for us—and thus our customers—to get the right ingredients in a timely fashion.

Artisan Bakery Bread

As the ice melted on the Mississippi River, Scandinavian suppliers became an option for millers in the United States. This, of course, gave Canadian suppliers extra incentive to try to resolve the issues with the rail system, as every time a miller in the United States buys from someone else, the Canadian suppliers lose money (and it can be a substantial amount).

Everyone involved is doing what they can to get back to business as usual. For our part, it means working directly with our suppliers to know exactly what they have, when they have it and when they can get it, so we can keep our stock at a healthy level for our customers.

Commercial Craft Distilling Is On The Rise

If you haven’t noticed, you haven’t been outside in a while. Craft breweries have been popping up all over the world, particularly here in Michigan. The microbrew craze is introducing many quality beers to the market, and consumers are indulging.

But what about people who don’t like beer? Enter craft distilleries, which are gaining traction rapidly. Craft distillers are making their own whiskey, vodka, rum, gin and other liquors, and customers are loving it.

Just as wine connoisseurs will travel nearly anywhere to sample good wine, new craft distilleries are counting on their premium liquors attracting the same type of audience that appreciates a quality drink.

The same attributes that are making craft breweries so successful are also attracting customers to craft distilleries. Local, proud, passionate people are making extremely high quality products that can easily compete on a quality level with national and international brands.

Getting into the Spirit
One of the ways commercial distilleries keep things authentic and local as they grow is sourcing their ingredients from reliable sources like Bremer Authentic Ingredients.

Our warehouse is stocked with ingredients used by many a craft distillery. One in particular is molasses, specifically blackstrap molasses, due to the increasing demand from the more than 30 craft distilleries in Michigan (there were just a few as recently as 2009).

The best liquors require the best sugars, syrups and byproducts (such as the afore-mentioned molasses), and that’s what we’re proud to deliver to our customers.

If you have even a passing interest in authentic spirits, pay your local craft distillery a visit. We’re happy to play a small but important role in this booming industry.