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Bremer Welcomes Doug Shetterly as Purchasing Manager

“I’m driven to make a difference,” says Doug Shetterly, who started with Bremer on August 24, 2020, filling the role of Purchasing Manager. “A difference to and for our suppliers, and to and for Bremer.” To make a difference, Shetterly knows the key lies in creating strong relationships. “Building relationships, especially with suppliers, is what […]

2018 Beverage Industry Trends

As summer heats up, sipping a chilled beverage becomes more appealing. Thus, drink trends are never more important than in the summer months. While last year, slowed-down craft cocktails, frozen rosé (a.k.a. “frozé”), and DIY cold bulletproof coffee were all the rage, this year’s summer drink trends turn a little greener. Functional drinks and cold […]

Donuts Get Re-Mixed With Creative Ingredients

It’s no longer only about plain cake or glazed, Long John or Cruller. It seems donuts have become so gourmet and in-demand that they are no longer confined to the white paperboard boxes of small-town bakeries. “The growth of the global doughnut market can be attributed to the increasing number of retail stores, rising urbanization, […]

Pickles, Pickling, and Fermented Foods

With people pickling at home at record rates and the industry of fermented foods growing and growing, it’s a good thing we sell vinegar by the drum and tote! Take pickled cucumbers, for example. According to the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), 239.17 million Americans consumed pickles in 2017. This figure is […]