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Dan Nagelkerke Joins Bremer Authentic Ingredients

“Bremer has a longstanding, great reputation,” says Dan Nagelkerke, who officially joined the Bremer team as general manager at the end of January. “This is a nice opportunity at this point in my career to help continue and build their success.” Nagelkerke’s career has given him more than 35 years of experience—all of which are […]

Consumer Confusion With Non-GMO Food Products

The talk about GMO (genetically modified organism) and non-GMO foods is only getting louder, but unfortunately, a lot of talk stems from, and thus perpetuates, confusion. Consumers typically aren’t sure exactly what GMO foods entail and, likewise, how non-GMO foods differ, but they do tend to assume non-GMO foods are better for them. With increased […]


How Many Pies Does it Take to Have a Family Gathering?

How Many Pies Does it Take to Have a Family Gathering? Bakeries around the world love the holiday season. With so many families having so many gatherings, so many pies need to be baked. It starts with Thanksgiving, as orders increase drastically for pumpkin pie and apple pie, specifically, but extends into other pies as […]


Demand for Non-GMO Sugar Increases

Food-manufacturing and food-processing companies are pushing to rid their products of genetically modified organisms due to increased demand from customers. As consumers seek healthier lifestyles and diets focused on natural ingredients, companies have had to adapt to keep their sales up. For example, The Hershey Company announced in early 2015 they would be removing GMO […]