A more discreet and healthy way to consume cannabis, marijuana-infused edibles have become popular since their legalization in states across America. From baked goods to gummies to drinks, sometimes you can’t even tell these products have cannabis in them! Why? It’s all thanks to one key ingredient: sugars and sweeteners. What Sweeteners Are Used in […]

The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and the fall season is in full swing. What better time to perfect your apple pie recipe — or finally try making the pumpkin scones you’ve been craving? Make the most of your baking this season by incorporating some of the best spices and seasonings for […]

Fall is upon us, and so is the harvesting season. As winemakers prepare for another season of tasty wines, many wonder how they can make this batch of beverages better than their last. A little tweaking of the winemaking process can go a long way, and experts have discovered the value of a key ingredient […]

“I’m driven to make a difference,” says Doug Shetterly, who started with Bremer on August 24, 2020, filling the role of Purchasing Manager. “A difference to and for our suppliers, and to and for Bremer.” To make a difference, Shetterly knows the key lies in creating strong relationships. “Building relationships, especially with suppliers, is what […]