“I’m driven to make a difference,” says Doug Shetterly, who started with Bremer on August 24, 2020, filling the role of Purchasing Manager. “A difference to and for our suppliers, and to and for Bremer.”

To make a difference, Shetterly knows the key lies in creating strong relationships. “Building relationships, especially with suppliers, is what I really enjoy, and one of the things I’m looking forward to doing here at Bremer.”

With a strong professional purchasing background spanning 35 years, Shetterly also knows commodities. “Most of my career was in the automotive industry, so a lot of steel, plastics, and electronics. Flour, salt, sugar… these are also commodities,” says Shetterly, explaining how his experience translates to foodservice.

Based on his experience, he already knows what’s important to Bremer customers, “Yes, it’s pricing, but it’s also more than that. It’s our ability to have the food ingredients they need, in the quantity they need, and deliver them on time. It’s also our flexibility with orders and deliveries, because their businesses change and so do their needs.

Regarding learning about the foodservice industry, Shetterly is looking forward to “seeing the process of how everything is made,” and understanding the ins and outs of food-based commodities, including, “how Mother Nature can impact not only production, but also the taste and quality of an item.” For these reasons, he is excited to spend more time in the field, meeting suppliers.

“Doug is hands on and very willing to get involved, which is one of the reasons we’re glad to have him,” says Todd Bustard, Acting General Manager, Bremer Authentic Ingredients. “We’re excited about the experience he brings from larger companies, and how he’ll leverage that to make a positive difference for Bremer.”

Shetterly is replacing Tim Malefyt, the previous Purchasing Manager who is retiring after 15 years at Bremer. Malefyt spent his career at Bremer building a strong network of valued suppliers. While he certainly will be missed, Malefyt has passed Bremer’s key to success on to Shetterly. “We really go the extra mile to service our customers, from the beginning of the order process all the way through to delivery, including using our own drivers and equipment,” notes Malefyt. “Now it is Doug’s turn to help carry that legacy on, and I have every confidence in him.”

Dave Dalman has been a part of the Bremer family for the past 44 years and recently will be passing the baton on. Please read on in Dave’s own words and share in a big thanks to Dave for all his hard work over the years.


My name is Dave Dalman.  Many of you know me as a driver for Bremer Authentic Ingredients.  As you explore this website, you might know me by recognition or by name.  After 44 years working for B.A.I. —  I am retiring.

I know a lot of you in a personal way and I thank you – not only for being a loyal customer but also for being a personal friend.  We have shared life stories about our families through the years and not only have you become a part of my family but also Bremer’s family. 

Bremer Authentic Ingredients has always been there for me and I know when you do business with them, you will feel like family as well.

Sincere thankfulness to all and trust that Bremer Authentic Ingredients will continue to partner with you in the future ahead.

David Dalman

Dave Dallman Retired

“Bremer has a longstanding, great reputation,” says Dan Nagelkerke, who officially joined the Bremer team as general manager at the end of January. “This is a nice opportunity at this point in my career to help continue and build their success.”

Nagelkerke’s career has given him more than 35 years of experience—all of which are in the food and ingredient industries—in distribution with a strong knowledge of food service. When he saw the opportunity to become a part of the Bremer team, he immediately knew it would be a good fit, as Bremer’s values fit so closely to his own.

“I love the way Bremer takes care of its customers,” says Nagelkerke. “One of my strongest passions is taking care of customers, and I’ve focused my career on the customer experience. Being able to add to that culture at Bremer is exciting.”

The energy around the office and beyond has been refreshing as Nagelkerke gets familiar with his surroundings. His passion is inspiring those around him, and their energy is motivating him. The core staff of Tim Malefyt, Todd Gifford and Tracy VanDenbeldt will continue doing what they do best while working alongside Nagelkerke.

“I’ve been very warmly welcomed,” says Nagelkerke. “The staff has been helpful in training and teaching me how Bremer operates, while at the same time being open to new ideas to help grow our business now and in the future.”

Most of Nagelkerke’s career has been focused in Michigan and northern Indiana markets, and he’s thrilled to be fully immersed in the region, particularly considering he grew up just outside of Grand Rapids and has raised five children in the area.

“I understand the needs of these markets,” he says, “and after a couple years gaining experience in manufacturing, it’s nice to get back to the distribution business full-time.”

In his first few months, Nagelkerke could be spotted anywhere and everywhere Bremer operates, visiting warehouses, talking to customers, meeting with colleagues and tagging along with drivers on deliveries. Dan believes in truly getting to know his customer base inside and out: how they think and what they really want to make their business successful.

“When I was out riding with drivers,” he says, “I noticed what a great relationship they have with customers. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and service, and I’ve been pleased we have veteran truck drivers that are truly customer-focused. They’re real assets.”

Bremer has always counted having their own dedicated trucks as one of its most valuable advantages, and Nagelkerke immediately recognizes the value of that goes well beyond the convenience of merely having a dedicated trailer. It’s the long-term human relationships on which Bremer prides itself.

Not limited solely to ridealongs, Nageklerke has been using his first few months to learn every aspect of the business.

“I wanted to find out what everybody does and what their day-to-day needs are so I can get a better grip on how our company operates,” he says. “Getting to know customers and colleagues as people is extremely important in a business like ours.”

“A pleasant surprise for me has been the many different types of industries we service.”

Along those lines, Nagelkerke is actively working to determine any niche markets that might fit with Bremer, noting Bremer’s recent success servicing the beverage industry throughout Michigan. He intends to continue Bremer’s success dealing with a large customer base, but is there an opportunity to add a market to the portfolio? 

“I spent my first several weeks getting to know our employees, customers, products, strengths and weaknesses,” he says, “and long-term, I want to seek what niches we can service. Is there something that might be a good fit for a company of our size and versatility?”

Nagelkerke’s commitment to customer service and desire to build on a company that is already focused on customers will undoubtedly propel Bremer’s success in the future.

“I enjoy working with customers and my goal over the years has always been to solve their problems,” he says. “I don’t intend to be in the office all the time, but also on the road, meeting, greeting and helping land more customers and growing our business.”

How Many Pies Does it Take to Have a Family Gathering?

Bakeries around the world love the holiday season. With so many families having so many gatherings, so many pies need to be baked. It starts with Thanksgiving, as orders increase drastically for pumpkin pie and apple pie, specifically, but extends into other pies as well.

Are consumers tired of pie by the time Christmas rolls around? Absolutely not. Thanksgiving whetted the appetite a bit, and individuals are ready to fully indulge at Christmas.

For consumers, the desire is simple: satisfy a craving, enjoy a family get-together and make sure there is enough for everyone. Leftovers are not only acceptable; they’re encouraged.

For bakery owners, it’s a little more complicated, of course. The increased demand for pies means needing to be fully stocked on sugars, flours, seasonings and all other essential ingredients. If you’re out of ingredients, you’re out of pies and customers need to go elsewhere.

At Bremer, our job is to make sure we are amply stocked on all these high-quality food ingredients, so when a baker comes to us with an order, we can fill it in a timely fashion. Consumers need their pies, so bakers need their ingredients, so we need to be ready. And we are.

Is there Such a Thing as Too Much Pie?

The general rule for a holiday family meal, which takes into account larger portions than a normal meal, budgets for each person, on average, to eat one three-inch wedge of a nine-inch pie (there are six of these slices in the pie). Simplified, a family should have one full pie for every six guests at the table.

This is an average, so it factors in the aunt who wants a tiny piece, the uncle who doesn’t like dessert and the cousin who eats half the pie himself. Still, because there are so many types of pies, families are inclined to purchase double or triple the serving suggestion in favor of having flavor options.

In short: individuals will buy more than they need for holiday parties and, based on averages, need more than usual.

Just Desserts?

We’ve focused a lot on pies here, but if you’re a bakery owner, you know the demand for rolls is increasing as well. Each guest at a family gathering will eat 2-3 rolls, depending on size, at dinner, and leftover rolls are one of the most coveted items after the meal.

Understanding this, we’re stocked with the flours, salts and everything necessary for bakers to make their customers’ holidays just that much better.

With the holiday rush in full swing, we are available to deliver ingredients promptly to meet your needs. Contact us and let us know how we can help!