“I’m driven to make a difference,” says Doug Shetterly, who started with Bremer on August 24, 2020, filling the role of Purchasing Manager. “A difference to and for our suppliers, and to and for Bremer.”

To make a difference, Shetterly knows the key lies in creating strong relationships. “Building relationships, especially with suppliers, is what I really enjoy, and one of the things I’m looking forward to doing here at Bremer.”

With a strong professional purchasing background spanning 35 years, Shetterly also knows commodities. “Most of my career was in the automotive industry, so a lot of steel, plastics, and electronics. Flour, salt, sugar… these are also commodities,” says Shetterly, explaining how his experience translates to foodservice.

Based on his experience, he already knows what’s important to Bremer customers, “Yes, it’s pricing, but it’s also more than that. It’s our ability to have the food ingredients they need, in the quantity they need, and deliver them on time. It’s also our flexibility with orders and deliveries, because their businesses change and so do their needs.

Regarding learning about the foodservice industry, Shetterly is looking forward to “seeing the process of how everything is made,” and understanding the ins and outs of food-based commodities, including, “how Mother Nature can impact not only production, but also the taste and quality of an item.” For these reasons, he is excited to spend more time in the field, meeting suppliers.

“Doug is hands on and very willing to get involved, which is one of the reasons we’re glad to have him,” says Todd Bustard, Acting General Manager, Bremer Authentic Ingredients. “We’re excited about the experience he brings from larger companies, and how he’ll leverage that to make a positive difference for Bremer.”

Shetterly is replacing Tim Malefyt, the previous Purchasing Manager who is retiring after 15 years at Bremer. Malefyt spent his career at Bremer building a strong network of valued suppliers. While he certainly will be missed, Malefyt has passed Bremer’s key to success on to Shetterly. “We really go the extra mile to service our customers, from the beginning of the order process all the way through to delivery, including using our own drivers and equipment,” notes Malefyt. “Now it is Doug’s turn to help carry that legacy on, and I have every confidence in him.”