It’s Grilling Season

Welcome to that wonderful time of the year when baseball season is underway, storm doors are being replaced with screen doors, furnaces go dormant and everyone’s mood naturally improves. Welcome to grilling season.

The glorious aroma of on-the-grill meat wafts through neighborhoods all over the country, with special enthusiasm among our fellow Michiganders. Those about to indulge begin to salivate and those down the road become envious of the lucky family with the grill aflame.

At Bremer, grilling season also means making sure our warehouses are stocked with everything hot-dog producers, meat packagers and other food producers need to produce, manufacture, package and ship their products.

The Perfect Barbecue

The perfect barbecue is, of course, heavily influenced by the person doing the grilling. However, that person knows he needs the right ingredients. Even something so seemingly simple like barbecue sauce needs high-quality sugars, brown sugars, spices and seasonings.

Seemingly simple, maybe, but actually highly complex. The proof of barbecue sauce not being so simple is the sheer number of available recipes on shelves. Smoked paprika, onion powder and cracked black pepper are just a few of the ingredients we’re loading onto our trucks this time of year.

We’re fully stocked to keep barbecue producers’ ingredient supply abundant, keeping neighborhoods around the country smelling delicious all summer.

Take Me to the Ballpark

What’s the first thing fans do when you get to the baseball game? Many go straight from having their tickets swiped to the hot-dog stand, no matter what it costs. As baseball season gets underway, the human palate senses the deliciousness of a properly prepared hot dog.

Packaging supplies, especially when dealing with meat, are extremely important, keeping products fresh and at their best for fans to enjoy at the ol’ ballpark.

We enjoy grilling season as much as everyone else, which is why we keep our dedicated trucks on the road, full of the ingredients producers and processors need so we can all enjoy a quality time outdoors.

We understand the special needs of meat packing and poultry processing. If you have a request, please Click Here to get in touch. We are here to help!