Bremer Ingredients is excited to welcome Ryan Seeley as the company’s new Territory Manager for the Greater Detroit Area. With years of experience in the food industry, including roles at major corporations like Frito-Lay and Redbull, Ryan brings a valuable skill set and fresh perspective to this position. Ryan’s career has introduced him to places and experiences alike, but after so much time navigating the corporate world, he’s now drawn to Bremer’s local roots and family values.

Finding a Long-Term Fit With Bremer

Ryan’s interest in the grocery industry and appreciation for interacting with people as a bartender led him to food sales. Though he never expected to be in the industry long, it’s where he stayed. Working with numerous industry conglomerates over the years, Ryan traveled across the United States and built an impressive resume before stepping away to determine his true passion. Following careful reflection, Ryan turned to his personal values and discovered Bremer Ingredients. Despite consistent growth within the ingredients industry, Bremer maintained strong family values and a small, person-first feel.

Building on Bremer’s Company Values in Sales

Ryan has always viewed sales as a relationship first. Before someone becomes a client, they’re a person, and it’s important for Ryan to remember that in the work he does. As he interacts with prospective and existing clients in his role, Ryan considers Bremer’s core values of true customer service, trust, and loyalty. For people to choose Bremer as their bulk ingredient provider and remain loyal to the brand, a positive and lasting first impression is key.

Looking Towards The Future of Bremer

With a solid future ahead of him at Bremer, Ryan is enthusiastic about the success he can bring to the company. His primary goal is to develop more business and grow sales by building relationships with both new and existing customers alike. He is encouraged by the opportunity to get to know his team, knowing that everyone’s commitment to looking out for one another will help them execute customer service effectively.

Discover Person-First Partnerships with Bremer

At Bremer, we care about people. For more information about our services and how we can meet your bulk ingredient needs, contact us. Our team is always looking to connect and start a lasting, meaningful relationship.