When you look on the food ingredient label of many beverages, you’ll see “citric acid.” From sodas to juices, it’s everywhere. However, since it’s a new year and so many people looking at the ingredients and trying to live healthier, we thought we’d talk about what citric acid is, and whether it’s something we should be giving up.

What is Citric Acid?

First, let’s start with the “What it is citric acid?“: Citric acid is a “weak organic acid,” which simply means that it is a carbon based acid that is fairly mild. This is why it is safely used in food and drinks. Citric acid is used in beverages both because it is preservative and because it gives beverages a clean, sour taste we associate usually with juices or citrusy sodas, though it also is used in many colas as well. The flavor is considered natural because it is not produced using any other additives outside of this naturally occurring acid.

Is Citric Acid Good or Bad for You?

So now that we know what a citric acid is, is it actually good for us? As a matter of fact it is – or at least, it isn’t bad for you. Many times a customer sees the word “acid” on the list of ingredients and they get nervous. However, this is one item that really doesn’t affect their body all that much. Citric acid is naturally occurring in your body as a part of metabolism; your cells produce citric acid as it burns fats and carbs to create energy. While your body produces enough and you do not need any more, any additional that is taken in is usually converted into fats that, in turn, are burned for energy.

The conclusion is that citric acid is neither particularly good nor bad for you; it is simply a common ingredient that makes food and drinks more enjoyable and last longer.

Are you currently using citric acid?

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How are you educating your customers on ingredients, and do you have any questions about any other ingredients?

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