With people pickling at home at record rates and the industry of fermented foods growing and growing, it’s a good thing we sell vinegar by the drum and tote! Take pickled cucumbers, for example. According to the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), 239.17 million Americans consumed pickles in 2017. This figure is projected to increase to 245.56 million in 2020!

Pickled What?

So what’s so special about pickles? In short: Everything. Americans are smitten with pickles. Pickling is not just for cucumbers anymore. A staple ingredient of European, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern traditional cooking, pickled and fermented food items are only in the last few years making their mark on American cuisine. Integrated into sides – and even cocktails! – in-home and in-restaurant pickling programs experiment with standard vinegars, but are frequently accented with nontraditional pickling ingredients and flavors to create unique small-batch treats for patrons.

Pickles and Fermented Foods Trends

Between a Pinterest fried pickle recipe that has been repinned and saved over 100,000 times, and dill pickle flavors showing up in everything from fast food slushies and soda, to dips, potato chips, and even beer, it seems that the trend for pickled and fermented foods is on track to grow, not shutter through 2020, which is good news for Bremer customers who value our vinegar quality and selection.

Wholesale Vinegar for Your Pickling Needs

We have all the wholesale and bulk vinegar you could want: White distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and other varieties are ready and in stock for pickling your own craft accoutrements to integrate. Contact us when you’re ready to order!