Dave Dalman has been a part of the Bremer family for the past 44 years and recently will be passing the baton on. Please read on in Dave’s own words and share in a big thanks to Dave for all his hard work over the years. Hello, My name is Dave Dalman.  Many of you […]

The Current Sugar Situation United States-based food and beverage producers are rejoicing: More sugar is being allowed into the country. Despite a long, complicated history of trade agreements between the U.S. and World Trade Organization (WTO) countries and a separate agreement with North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partner Mexico, recent developments have food producers […]

“Bremer has a longstanding, great reputation,” says Dan Nagelkerke, who officially joined the Bremer team as general manager at the end of January. “This is a nice opportunity at this point in my career to help continue and build their success.” Nagelkerke’s career has given him more than 35 years of experience—all of which are […]

The talk about GMO (genetically modified organism) and non-GMO foods is only getting louder, but unfortunately, a lot of talk stems from, and thus perpetuates, confusion. Consumers typically aren’t sure exactly what GMO foods entail and, likewise, how non-GMO foods differ, but they do tend to assume non-GMO foods are better for them. With increased […]