The Importance of Increasing Flour Yield

The Importance of Increasing Flour Yield Basic economics tells us if a producer can yield more wheat flour without spending more money, that producer increases profit. All producers of ingredients are constantly working to increase their yields without simultaneously increasing expenses. More important, they want to increase their yields without compromising the consistency of the […]


What are Flavoring Extracts and Emulsions?

Flavor of the Month, Year and Decade There is one attribute to food and beverages on which consumers never want to compromise. No matter the trends, diets or habits of anyone, flavor is always of the utmost importance. Producers, obviously, know this, which is why marketing for a healthy snack always mentions the fact it […]

FDA Nutrition Facts Label Changing

FDA Updates Nutrition Facts Panel On May 20, 2016 the Food and Drug Administration announced the changes to the nutrition-facts panel, citing a need to update the 20-year-old existing label due to consumers demanding more accurate and helpful information about the foods they eat. On the surface, it seems like a small change, but for […]


General Mills Flour Recall

Bremer Authentic Ingredients is aware of the issues regarding General Mills flours as described in the news article below. Bremer does not purchase any of the affected flours from General Mills. MINNEAPOLIS – General Mills, Inc. has announced it is recalling about 10 million lbs of flour after an E. coli outbreak associated with flour […]