A more discreet and healthy way to consume cannabis, marijuana-infused edibles have become popular since their legalization in states across America. From baked goods to gummies to drinks, sometimes you can’t even tell these products have cannabis in them! Why? It’s all thanks to one key ingredient: sugars and sweeteners.

What Sweeteners Are Used in Edibles?

Depending on the type of edible, a few different sugars or sweeteners can be used in manufacturing. Granulated cane sugar is most popular, as it is the most versatile and can crystallize when hard candies are made. Artificial substitutes, such as maltitol and sorbitol, are also valuable options for sweeteners.

For those looking to steer clear of traditional sugars or artificial sweeteners, there are a few natural alternatives. Products like honey and molasses provide a sweet taste and offer additional health benefits. Bremer Ingredients carries bulk quantities of these products for commercial manufacturers interested in exploring sugar alternatives for edibles.

Why do Edibles Need Sweeteners?

The primary reason sweeteners are such an important ingredient is because, without the right amount of flavoring, edibles can end up tasting a lot like what’s in them. Marijuana extracts like THC or CBD have strong bitter, earthy flavors that sugars and flavorings help mask. Plus, added fats and sugars help preserve the shelf life of edibles and allows them to be sold or stored at room temperature.

How Can Bulk Sweeteners Streamline Edible Manufacturing?

When selecting a sugar product to incorporate into commercially manufactured edibles, it’s important to ensure that it can be used in bulk. High intensity sugar substitutes like Stevia and monk fruit exist as “healthier” alternatives because they’re naturally derived and allow for smaller amounts of sugar in recipes. That said, these products cannot be used in large quantities, which is a concern for large-scale manufacturers. At Bremer, we only offer traditional sugars and sweeteners that can be used in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your sugar ratio — or running out.

Sugars and sweeteners are key to every edible manufacturer, so it’s important you’re getting the best ingredients at reasonable prices. We distribute everything from cane sugar to sorbitol to molasses, so you can get the ingredients you need in time to keep making quality products. For information on our industries, products, and distribution, contact us — we’re happy to help!