The talk about GMO (genetically modified organism) and non-GMO foods is only getting louder, but unfortunately, a lot of talk stems from, and thus perpetuates, confusion. Consumers typically aren’t sure exactly what GMO foods entail and, likewise, how non-GMO foods differ, but they do tend to assume non-GMO foods are better for them.

With increased demand from consumers, new product launches of non-GMO products have risen immensely over the past few years. According to Mintel GNPD, 1,992 new non-GMO products were released in 2014, more than six times as many as four years prior, when 2010 saw 303 new product launches.

Does this indicate a trend or a shift? Recent evidence is pointing toward the latter as consumers in all aspects of life are demanding to know more about everything. Especially when it comes to what they eat, they feel food producers and the FDA owe it to them to be transparent about what’s being sold.


Non-GMO Cornmeal and Corn Sweeteners

At Bremer, we’re fielding and filling a lot of requests for non-GMO cornmeal and corn sweeteners, and it’s no surprise: as consumers demand more non-GMO products, they’re especially focusing on snacks. Of the total United States product launches from 2000 through 2014, more than half fall into the category of snacks.

Consumers want to understand more about what they’re buying, and they’re putting the onus on food producers to educate them. Still, consumers expect transparency while still being able to count on a reliable, sweet snack when they want it.

Non-GMO sweeteners aren’t limited to snacks, of course. Dairy, bakery, sauces and juice drinks make up the other near-half of new product launches, and those foods need cornmeal sweeteners, too.

As GMO-free product launches continue to increase every year, we’re unsurprisingly seeing demand from our customers for non-GMO ingredients increase accordingly. Cornmeal, corn sweeteners, starches, flours—everything.

If you’re looking to place an order for the highest quality non-GMO ingredients, talk to us today. We’ll get you what you need on time, every time.