Over the past few months we, at Bremer, have had a lot of bakeries and food manufacturers asking us for more gluten free products and flours most specifically. As the demand for gluten free foods continues to increase, we looked toward one of our valuable suppliers for a gluten free flour, Bay State Milling. We are proud to announce that we are carrying Bay State Milling’s Baking Essentials Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.

Baking Essentials Wholesale Gluten Free All Purpose Flour is unique in that it is not only an exceptional product but it also has the Celiac Sprue Associations (a gluten free certifier for gluten free cooking) recognition as an excellent product. This flour is produced in an environmentally controlled production area using equipment and storage methods that ensure that this product is completely gluten free and has the highest level of quality control.

This is truly an all-in-one gluten free flour so you don’t have to purchase additional items that you might not use otherwise, such as rice flour and modified tapioca starches to maintain good elasticity.  There are a wide variety of uses from breads, rolls, cookies, brownies or even pizza crusts. With this flour you will now have the ability to transform any of your standard recipes into gluten free recipes without having a noticeable difference in flavor. This gluten free and Kosher certified flour maintains quality while also addressing a need for a growing segment of your customers.

We at Bremer are proud to announce the new product offering and look forward to answering any questions you have about this product or about why it is important to offer gluten free foods.