Can you define the smell of the holidays? Almost certainly, you can, and even more certainly, that smell has something to do with food.

No matter the holiday, no matter the family celebrating and no matter the main course, the holidays make people think about food. Specifically dessert. What delicious meal are you salivating over right now? The mere mention of the holidays undoubtedly made your mouth water a little for something. What is it for you?

For many, we can start with cookies. Delectable sugar cookies, for starters, which require sugar (obviously), flour, baking soda, an egg, vanilla extract and whatever special touches the baker uses to separate her batch from the rest.

When sugar cookies are topped with frosting, sprinkles or other sweets, they become even more appealing.

The commercial food manufacturers we are honored to work with know every family has its own traditions and holiday staples, which is why they rely on Bremer Authentic Ingredients for all the flours, sugars, sprinkles and everything else that defines the sights and smells of the holidays.

Pies, Pastries and Cakes

Pumpkin pie and apple pie get most of the glory at Thanksgiving, but there’s a lot to be said for a cherry pie, blueberry pie or whatever satiating concoction graces your dinner table every year. To make the best pie possible, you need the best crust possible, which means you need the best flour possible. Butters, sugars and a little salt make the simplest recipe taste irresistibly good.

Are you into sweeter items like pastries and cakes? Sweet frosting, fluffy frosting, no frosting?  There are essential desserts at every family’s table. If they’re missing, even for a single year, it’s a noticeable void. That’s why you see the grocery-store aisles packed with options from your favorite brands.

All this talk about the holidays and desserts undoubtedly has you looking forward to some sort of mouthwatering masterpiece. What is it in your family?