Within the industry, it’s especially important to keep up with consumer trends so we can give them what they want.

The demand for sugar substitutes continues to grow around the world. North America corners most of the market and will have 49% of the global market by 2018 (sugar substitute market), and this means good things for both consumers and the food-processing industry.

Consumers are increasingly aware of what they’re eating, and are paying closer attention than ever to sugar substitutes. Being able to enjoy foods and beverages while knowing their sugar intake is being regulated is a nice idea for consumers. People are concerned about their health, and food manufacturers are responding.

The food-processing industry is doing well for a number of reasons, not the least of which is consumer awareness in more areas than just sugar substitutes. People want to know from where their food is coming today, and with all the advancements in sugar substitutes, it leads to a booming market.

Advancements in Sugar Substitutes

There are a number of different sugar substitutes available. Because each type is different to some degree, there is no one generic sugar substitute that properly applies to every product.

Different products require different sugar substitutes for maximum effectiveness in each application.

In North America, these advancements are going forth at a quick pace. Around the world, the sugar-substitute market is still developing as populations grow and demand alternatives to sugar.

Consumers Drive the Market

This is no shock. The market has to respond to consumer demand or the market vanishes. As consumers continue to look closer at the ingredients in their foods and beverages, sugar substitutes will continue to be prevalent, evolving with the market and adapting to each application.

Do you see your customers taking more care in knowing what they’re eating and drinking? How does the sugar-substitute market affect you? Let us know how we can help!