Healthy Snacks? Yes, Please.

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but no one wants to give up snacks. The solution: healthier snacks. Those who make snack foods are on to the trend, and therefore it’s easier for consumers to find light snacks on the shelves as well as research healthier snack ideas to create at home.

Snacks used to be marketed as something to behold. Sort of a prize consumers get to give themselves. Luxurious treats created for indulgence and enjoyment.

Now, as consumers demand healthy snacks, food manufacturers are shifting the target of their marketing. Look at the shelves now and you’ll see packages touting light snacks, natural snacks and baked snacks. Each of these terms comes with the connotation of health.

American consumers aren’t going to immediately shift from their indulgent habits into a vegetable-only snack routine. For most consumers, taste is more important than health.

The solution? Higher quality ingredients. Snack makers are finding ways to keep the great taste consumers crave while increasing the health content of the snacks at the same time.

For instance, we’re now able to go to the store and purchase foods with dramatically less sodium that still have the salty taste we love.

Yes, a lot of the healthy-snacks revolution is coming from the marketers. But they’re backing it up. They have to—they can’t legally claim less sodium unless they’re actually using less sodium.

We’re seeing better, higher quality ingredients being used to create the snacks our country demands—tasty, healthy treats built for indulgence without any residual feelings of guilt.

Additional Resources for Healthier Snack Food Production