To bolster the presence of Bremer Authentic Ingredients in Illinois and Indiana, Bremer is excited to announce the hiring of Tim Richards as the new sales representative for the territory.

Richards is an enthusiastic, passionate individual who has worked in the food industry for nearly 20 years. Most of his experience has come in Indiana, and he knows the market thoroughly. Richards will use his infectious enthusiasm and customer-centric style to increase Bremer’s presence in Illinois and Indiana.

“We knew the opportunity for expansion into a larger portion of the Midwest was there,” said Todd Gifford, Sales Manager with Bremer, “and Tim is the right person to lead that charge. He’s proven himself to be a successful salesperson in the food industry and, most important, puts an intense focus on the customer. His ideals fit right in line with Bremer’s.”

“This is a great opportunity for me and Bremer,” added Richards. “I thrive on working with people, bringing in new business and building on existing business. Being able to help Bremer expand into a market I know well is a challenge I am excited to embrace.”

Bremer is known not only for its quality ingredients, but also for the way it deals with customers. Making sure all customers get everything they need, when they need it, is at the core of Bremer’s customer service. With the addition of Richards, Bremer can seamlessly expand its reach into the Midwest with the same level of customer care for which Bremer is known.

“We’re fully committed to this market,” said Gifford. “When we talked about expanding, we knew we had to do it right. With the addition of Tim, as well as our dedicated trucks and drivers, we’re eager to bring our authentic ingredients farther into the Midwest.”

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